The Best Workouts For Fast Weight Loss

You’re at the gym grinding it out, and you’re wondering what are the best workouts for weight loss? You see people hitting the treadmill, you see people hitting the weight you even see some people playing racket ball and basketball. So what really works? Well, I’ll tell you that all of those work but below are the best workouts.

HIIT. Stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is the type of training that keeps your heart rate up. Numerous studies have shown that by keeping your heart rate up at fat burning levels and thing bringing back down to normal levels, you burn more fat. Whereas in the 1970’s and 1980’s it was about long endurance workouts such as going for a 1-hour jog on the treadmill, or biking for 1 hour, which keeps your heart rate high at the same level. And let’s face it, those workouts are BORING! Fat burning heart rate levels are found in the equation (220-age * 55-95%) So if you’re 20 years old (basic math lol) 220-20=200 * .55= 209 heart rate at the minimum fat burning range. Do this for 15 seconds up to 1 min then walk to bring it back down. Do that 8-12 times and you have finished a good fat burning workout. Below is a good workout for you to use.

Workout: 10 treadmill sprints at speed 5.0-15.0 (select a speed that challenges you) for 15 seconds to 1 min. Then follow each sprint with a 15 second to 1 min walk at speed 3.0. Typically match your sprint time with rest time and you’re good.