This is the Most Important Thing for Your Health

Water. 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen maybe simple to pronounce, simple to understand but the magnitude that it has on your body is tremendous. You should be drinking water everyday, and massive amounts of it. You can survive a long time without food, but you can only survive so long without water. First its essential for your survival. You could go a whole month without food but water less than 2 weeks. In fact most experts believe you can only last 1 week depending on whether conditions ( water makes up around 60% of our body. So first we need water just to survive and maintain bodily functions.

Second water is good for purifying our bodies. Water helps with bowel movements. Outside of fiber, water is the main substance that gets food moving throughout our digestive tracts. You need it to keep you cool, when we talk about our bodies natural defense mechanism is sweating, well that is water coming out of you to cool you down.

Third water is essential for weight loss, it first keeps you full. When you drink the right amount of water a day (which I’ll get into the last paragraph) you stay fuller longer. Water keeps your blood sugar levels stable and helps you burn more fat as you keep drinking water. 

How much water should I be drinking? Theres 4 different measurements, the minimum for a day is 64oz (which honestly you’re safe with that amount) then there’s what the National Institute of health recommends, which is 91oz for women and 128oz of water for men. Then there’s a gallon a day. And finally half of your body weight. Which most of it is saying drink alot. You choose whats best for you and start drinking! Have a good hydrated day Beasts!